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  1. Specialty Products & Accessories


    1. Flow Thru

  3. Flexcon Flow-Thru tanks are designed specific to the performance of constant pressure water systems. These systems work differently from conventional  systems in that they don't completely flush during each pump cycle. The Flow-Thru tank incorporates a patented "water vane" design that promotes flow in and out of the tank during pump run times, preventing water from stagnating in the tank. This will give your system additional water in the case of a power outage and give you the confidence that your system will provide the freshest water available in a well system. Tanks are offered in Steel, Stainless Steel and Composite. Check out our video, worlds freshest water, as a tool to sell your constant pressure system as well as our literature.

  6. Inwell

  7. What do you do if you don't have a good place to put a tank? You could bury it, but you know that at some point you will have to dig it back up. Flexcon offers a great solution: Inwell, a tank you can install in the well. Designed for applications where you need a convenient place to put the tank, Inwell is installed in the well just below pitless adapter. Inwell can be used with a constant pressure valve or a constant pressure pump. For more information, click here.

  10. ASME Tanks (ASFL/ASFLU)

  11. Flexcon now makes ASME tanks to meet your next code application. These composite ASME tanks feature our patented CAD-2 water chamber and are lightweight and strong. Sizes for the ASFL diaphragm style tanks are from 15 to 119 gallons while the utility style ASFLU come in sizes from 30 to 119 gallons.

  15. Mixmaster Baffle Tanks (BAF)

  16. Several states have adopted new groundwater rules after the EPA published new technical guidelines which recommended chlorination for four log treatment on well systems providing water for public use. Part of this guideline was the use of a 'baffled' retention tank, which would retain the water longer to ensure proper disinfection. Flexcon's Mixmaster baffle tank gives the system superior baffling and retains water longer than other utility tanks. With a .6 baffle factor, the BAF tank retains the water up to three times longer than unbaffled utility tanks. BAF tanks come in two sizes, 90 and 119 gallons for small transient publice systems (restaurants, convenience stores, motels, etc.) For more information, click here.



  2. Flexconnect

  3. Flexcon is your complete tank supplier. With Flexconnect, you can make the water connection in front of the tank, not underneath it. Flexconnect matches up with competitive tanks with front connections so you don't need to go anywhere else. Flexconnect features our patented CAD2 water chamber, an appliance grade polyurethane paint finish, and sizes from 20 to 119 gallons. For more information, click here.



  2. Online

  3. Online is the first tank to have a built in union water connection in 1998. Online features a stainless steel elbow and nipple and incorporates a gasketed union connection. Tank comes with a NPT nipple adaptor or tank tees are available from many accessory manufacturers. Online also features our patented CAD-2 water chamber and is finished with an appliance grade polyurethane paint finish. Tanks come in sizes from 20 to 119 gallons. For more information, click here.



  3. Flexwave

  4. Flexwave is a line of tanks for the water treatment professionals. Flexwave features reverse osmosis accumulators in steel (SSRO) and composite (FWRO). There is also a complete line of utility tanks from 30 gallon to 119 gallon with and without sideports. For more information, click here.



  2. Defiance

  3. Flexcon Defiance tank is a steel tank with a plastic base designed for specific markets where a plastic base is required. Defiance comes in sizes from 14 to 119 gallons. For more information, click here.